First thought to start

Thoughts like apples

Thoughts like apples

After going through 3 emails (this is the third), I am finally on line with my blog. I have decided to make it a daily thing you read with your coffee (or whatever cuppa you choose to start your day). So, like a cuppa, it’s stimulating and thought-provoking. I moved to Sattle several months ago so it seems appropriate in this format since we are the coffee capital of sorts. Also, and importantly, I am working on a book so will be giving snippets of it from time to time to get feedback. And that’s the unknown here…feedback….I know I can add my contacts but hardly any of them are wordsmiths. And I don’t see them landing on this sort of site of their own accord. So, I’m really going t try to find out how to reach an existing audience on here to get feedback on my writing but also some sort of commentary and thought tagging.



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