Sunny but cooler and noisy

Woke up this morning to very loud noise of rock hammers. I guess they are hell bent on setting a foundation for yet another multi-family building in the neighborhood. I have been busy building something else which is my linkedin network. There is something significant in the exercise because it applies to building your reputation on any social network an linked is a social network albeit business-oriented. On mobile version of LinkedIn, I am able to do mass adds even though I don’t know the people (all of them) directly. In a way, this may seem to random an approach. However, it has an unintended side benefit where I see people recommend my posts or comment on my likes. Such secondary or en tertiary inputs are important because they show reputation being built and this is applicable to all social networks. It begs the issue of “finding opportunities” but I believe that with enough network activity this is a by-product.

Word press is no different though here I want to make a network based on my writing and content so it doesn’t matter if I actually know the person beforehand. Most of the people I actually know would not land here as they are not writers anyway. What is on the screen in this case will likely stay on the screen but you never know. Off screen meeting is possible.

I am adding a poll here to get some input and interaction from anyone viewing this. Interaction is key too…people will come back to your blog or recommend to others in their networks if they find the experience of visiting your blog thought provoking (“did you read daily coffee today…”) and stimulating in other ways.
Later, I will try adding contact forms and media.


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