I bet you thought I wasn’t going to post today

Woke up to more hammering noises and pillow over the head does the trick for a while but I think I need to hit the bed earlier than 2 am. I have some sort of sleep deficit since moving to Seattle. Speaking of Seattle I noticed I can see the very top of the space needle from my small balcony now that the trees have lost their leaves. But the picture may not be great since so little shows. At night there is a Christmas light on top. I’ll snap one tonight anyway.


Yeah crappy photo huh. Smartphone did even worse than old Nikon Coolpix and it’s only 10 MP vs. 13 for the phone.

Not great news on this laptop. Had it only about 6 months and already the keyboard isn’t functioning correctly. Spaces miss and letters too and this is distressing since writing is important. I saw somewhere on a facebook post where a wireless keyboard was used with a laptop. Could be an option. Or even doing my writing on a smartphone though fat-fingering the characters does happen. I have had two other laptops and they also had keyboard issues first was Dell and then a Sony so I don’t think it’s brand.

Got part of my shopping done on-line or at least have some good links. I don’t have an extensive shopping list so it shouldn’t be too difficult. I just want to get it done before the rush and stores run out. On-line shopping through Amazon or REI works. At my age, I just want clothing. I’m not so much into the electronic gadgets but noticed a Bluetooth speaker for the shower. My favourite radio station in the shower. Too bad the reviews weren’t great. You get what you pay for.

Nothing too insightful today and I know you all are looking forward to some excerpts from my Book “Personal Freedom and the Net” so very soon will be posting some on this channel. Stay tuned.
Nice to see a LinkedIn post on WordPress where folks are promoting their presses.



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