Thursday’s thoughts

Way behind on work today after being ill yesterday. But I have 16 new clients and new venture contacts. I may have to consider expanding my business if this good fortune continues. What a difference a day makes. Also decided to sell all my investments since there’s a good gain to be had. Sell high as they say. 2014 looks flat for the market so I’ll just invest it in cash and treasuries for a change. Some may also be used for business purposes.


All the Christmas shopping is done. After the sleeping yesterday, I got up at 4 am to do it and also go thru all my emails which took almost 6 hours. So much spam is getting through the filters but over the years Hotmail seems to be holding up best.


340 new LinkedIn contacts overnight. I guess anytime you mention 1st Amendment in connection with a book people want to know about it.

Sunny but cold for Seattle at 40 or so. I would prefer 50 but will have to wait for next week for more normal weather but it means rain too. Some areas of the country are a lot colder of course and Hawaii a Lot warmer.


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