Happy Friday to all

The sun is out and life should be good. A word about the passing of Nelson Mandela before I go on though. I was saddened to learn of his passing yesterday but he lived a life of great amplitude and serves as an inspiration to me. It is said all of the smallest particles of energy that make up life never die so a bit of him lives on in us all, and in my case his crusade for freedom for a cause. Here was a man who was truly indefatigable in his non-stop quest for seeking the good in humans. I cherish and revel in his afterglow in hopes I even achieve a small fraction of his contribution. One of the greats and his message will never die. Freedom at any cost and by any means in this life.

7 things you can learn….




OK I just want to get this first part out then on to a more personal post next.

Anyone know the best way to use tags on here?





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