Late Saturday

Regular readers of my blog will of course check to see if there is a post for today. Yes, it is still Saturday (11:35 PM) and I am making a post so I will continue to deliver a daily post unless I die.

Had some tax training in Mill Creek today just a few hours then looked around for somewhere to grab a very late lunch. I can’t  say Mill Creek is anything but a strip mall suburb of the real McCoy that remains Seattle and in my bias Capitol Hill. I ended up eating at mod pizza. It was just OK and the servers were loud but normal enthusiastic. It underscored to me what America is about: brash enthusiasm and self-confidence. No where on earth has it but here. Maybe that is why I stay here….not sure. Anyway, the pizza was fast and somehow adequate with correct temperature. This sounds like a Yelp restaurant review and I do those too so may link soon to those.

It’s continued cold with teens temperatures in some areas tonight. But, it will pass because the Pacific is bigger than the continental influence and usually wins. Just law of averages. Rain and 40 something to return soon. I actually prefer it. This weather is too Montanaish in a way (see last night’s poem for truth on that because Poetry is truth).

LinkedIn has been a bit of a downer and I think they limited my account after “enthusiastic adding” of network! LOL…”build your network but only to a point”….


There are great waves of amplitude inside me and I am not sure what it is. 2008 was last time I had these stresses so I can only guess 2014 will mean another financial crisis. Likely from China as they reject US debt instruments. Americans may be confident but the dollar is precarious more than ever. This crisis will be much worse than 2008 if the dollar is rejected as a world currency.

Back to work.


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