Missed a few days here but so what?

Who noticed? Hahhaha…if I get a comment that someone missed me it would make my day I guess.

The cold snap is ending but still chilly because it is damper and the rain isn’t far…in a day or so we should get some. Having some troubles with Internet Explorer not rendering flash and other page elements so, for example, cannot load FreshlyPressed the little loading wheel just spins forever.

Dentist today and an extended appointment because it’s the first time there. Seems expensive at $182 for exam and cleaning and an xray set but it’s only twice a year and next one won’t need xrays. Some people around my age have partials and what not so I guess I’m doing OK….just one tooth with heavy bone loss though it’s not coming out or anything. I have enough with the neuropathy so I don’t need mouth problems.

After went to organic food store. You sure pay a premium there but the meat/fish counter is a bit better than the ordinary grocery I go to. But 2.50 for a bar of soap still seems like a lot though it’s great and lathers well (just tried it). Washing with a good soap does remind one of the simple pleasures in life so it may be worth it. The standard soaps you get like Dial are so harsh so it’s nice to have one more pleasing.

I noticed the store also has a happy hour and that my camera on the galaxy s4 does not load properly formatted pictures to facebook…it cuts off the bottom inch or two. There must be a way to set the size so it appears as a thumb on news feed on fb.

Speaking of FB, I see my dear friend in Denver has received his cat toy. It is truly more blessed to give than to receive. I guess the best would be to go and see him and I have been meaning to do this. Once you have HIV, it is unknown how long you might be around and I wouldn’t want to regret not seeing him again if something happened to him. “it was what it was but it wasn’t meant to be” so we are now friends for life instead of anything else. On the other hand speaking of failed relationships, I am reading through Raffe’s blog and it seems rather hard for him. I think he is dealing with ageing too being 49.  His bf is 38 so there is a difference right there. Age is just a number but you still have to deal with the reality of it sooner or later. The body and the rest of it changes in tune with one another but it is not as before. This is a complex topic so maybe more ideas on this for another time.




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