Renewed sense of urgency

Something cannot be suppressed yet cannot be expressed as of yet. Hey…think of the last time you used the word “yet” twice in the same sentence….


Compressive forces increasing unexpectedly and not seen since 2001 and 2008 precursors to great waves of change but only external in first instance since 9/11 has no impact on me exactly. 2008 meant 2009 when shism developed especially in august 2009…somehow I want that again. If the unrooting is to be uprooting then so be it. There is no fixture here and no comfort zone. I can walk past the old house not far from here and just feel a memory echo. The shell insubstantial yet portentous when the threaded drawstring on the shade broke from a languid pull. All things must die and wither it is true.

Everything is related to everything in reism …shame on you wordpress reism is a word. Tie into the Oxford English Dictionary for a more ample diction screening…..

But having said that, some connections are only poly-ary and therefore quite weak. Reuter’s death to Thompson Reuters to Ludy to Mt. Shasta to Mbabane for instance. Google claims no connection but here’s how you build it (ah….waiting for a scandalous gem dear reader would you…? I never said this was going to be an easy read. Focus on the takeaway not the result and you’ll be well on your way. Googling won’t help here because this is all from me and you won’t find it on google….

The walk light at Melrose and I-5 is always go facing east. Those of you who can connect that to the precious paragraph know. Geographic leakage is no accident.

You get no more today from the newspaper spoon.



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