Site problems

I have been off for a few days because I continue t have problems with the site. I cannot view a lot of the blogs due to problems already mentioned. I noticed it does work in Chrome but I really don’t want two browsers open at once and I prefer Internet Explorer for a lot of reasons not least of which is better popup and spam controls for media rich sites. I still have Opera and FF on this laptop but may be too lazy to investigate if they deliver. It is odd this site worked fine a week ago.

Someone wanted to meet me a noon today at a local donut/coffee place but they backed out. Just someone on a forum I usually go to. But for all the posting I do there, I only just knew this person very incidentally on the screen through his posts. To take things off screen seems a bit much. “I will be in the store at my laptop”…urrrk….meeting someone like that isn’t much to go on but I guess we could discuss our experiences on the forum. We do have that in common. But, we can do that on line. I think people get lazy behind the screen and it is much easier not to deal with real-world issues like arranging to meet. He sends several messages including one that stats “Are you OK?..” Strange and my answer is “I am screen person…I am always OK…this is the perfect unreal world of the screen…duh …there’s no correspondence to the gritty real world. Maybe that’s why he made some vague excuse about having to catch a bus to get here. That’s rich because this is about as central as you can get in Seattle without being downtown. It’s not like I am in Montana where one can make a distance excuse with reason.

But I just sent a very short note back “Whenever you are ready to meet let me know. He initiated the idea so the onus is on him. What I’m not going to do is type a lot of stuff and get into an on-screen endless discussion around a simple meeting. Keep it simple.


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