Travelling to California

I am here in Roseburg Oregon…just going to do it in two days since Ieft so late. Passing through Portland brought up some old memories even though I wasn’t driving during college days so the experience of driving was new. Looks like a lot has changed in that time. Hotel room here too hot and is not a bargain considering the price and the fact that have no microwave or refrigerator in the room. But Applebees turned out to be a bargain because they gave me a free dinner because they couldn’t get the steak right though I paid for the desert and gave a good tip.
I am glad more of you are having your daily coffee with me.
I am tired not having had my customary late afternoon nap but maybe I can get into a better sleep pattern by not taking a nap during the day.
I brought my own coffee maker because the room coffee always is terrible.
But because there is no fridge in the room I had to leave the milk in the car it’s about refrigerator temperature outside it will work. I do hotel reviews on TripAdvisor and/or  Yelp but I can’t say this review will be very positive.
Sorry battery is dying I’m going to have to go to publish this and say goodnight. At least you get the flavor of what I’m going through right now.


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