Happy New Year

A little late this year with updates but just got back fron family visit. Nice to have the visit though it was stressful in parts. I think it is true on reflection that you can’t change personality. To expect a recovery program to do that is also unrealistic. They focus on addiction though one could “do steps” around personality issues to mitigate the impact. Ok not talking about myself but if you have followed my blog you can probably figure it out. Lol…an encouragement to go back and at least scan my entries for those of you who are new here.
Ok it is Sunday was going to go to a brunch but I got up too late. Also, it was full (12 people) so I’m unsure if it’s a good idea to show without RSVP. I am signing up for next month’s before it gets full.
Speaking of meeting people and such (because that’s why I moved here from the country – to meet more people and have a better chance of forming a relationship), allow me to discuss my experience so far….


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