More frustration continued

Somehow can’t wait for tax season to start again so I can regain some focus. It’s nice to have lots of time off and I have gotten to focus on other areas of my life over the summer and fall. Mostly getting out with hiking meetup groups and for a nice week in August visiting with an overseas friend including a few days in Vancouver.
Also caught up on a lot of the available Krishnamurti talks to explore the otherness of life.
I am continuing to adjust to life here and there are imperfections to say the least that make me feel like my life is not firing on all cylinders. The personal social aspects of meeting people here beyond the one off meeting remain frustrating but the other day in meeting someone I just enjoyed the lunch without expectations of anything after. He initiated contact saying I was good looking. This could set certain expectations in motion but I won’t be tempted. Says he wants to meet for dinner. He’s not ugly but not attractive either. So, given that, I should probably take him up on the offer. I just hate the way sexuality is still the hook after all these years. It’s not overtly present in attitude as say 30 years ago, but occulted…
Careerwise is still a source of frustration. Every time I go to LinkedIn, I can sense the frustration at still not having anything solid. I see jobs posted that are suggestions but I don’t have what they are looking for. I will stop now because I am just getting frustrated writing this.
I know you have to focus on the’s a sunset shot. East wind has backed some chilly but clear conditions into the Puget Sound.



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