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Is it self correcting? Beeeeee…..sirens….fan noise …..tap tap tap of eternal residential construction. An overcast day. That is all. And…I see no enhancement to posting experience.

But…another post to the posting graveyard of zero views…

How to merge 2 blogs

Ok so I created 2 accounts here with 2 emails because I forgot the first but luckily this is the one I want to use and the other is pretty much nonsense, I noted with irony someone created my daily coffee even before me. I am getting ready to post my non fiction on writeon at amazon. It’s a mess but I will also post the outline so people can see I am not completely disorganized.
In contrast to last year, I didn’t do any travelling to family over Christmas just a phone call.
On Christmas, I walked down to the waterfront to meet someone. It felt odd because I don’t really date any more but this OK Cupid guy wanted to meet. We walked around for some time looking for a place to eat or have a coffee/drink. There was one area just up from the ferry that looked all lit up a cluster of shops near the ferris wheel on the dock. But just neon lights fronting empty establishments.
We finally found the Marriot and of course their restaurant was open so we had a soup and salad accompanied by a glass of red there. His company was fine but I tire very quickly these days so should have gone for a coffee instead or a tea. I prefer the alcohol later and mostly at home and on my own. I thought maybe I have a problem yet I keep to 3 or less drinks. But that may be a little excessive. Anyway, back to the “date”….

And now the font has changed as I re-enter the saved blog from drafts. This blogging site is full of surprises.

Yes…so, we finshed our time at the restaurant and then left for the ferry. I think the most valuable thing he shared with me was sort of a tempered realism. He didn’t seem at all like a New Yorker but then again, he hadn’t lived in Brooklyn for over 25 years. Living in the Seattle area may account for the tempering of that characteristically “realistic” attitude most from New York seem to have.